The Inspectorate department is a department of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria which came into being in 2008 as part of the reform process to reposition the MDCN for more effective services and protection of the Medical and Dental professions. However the department became fully functional in 2011.

The Inspectorate department is saddled with the responsibilities of inspecting, monitoring and enforcement of policy guidelines of the Council. It is the responsibility of the Inspectorate department to ensure that rules, regulations and guidelines emanating from the Council are adhered to in every training Institution and all practice locations in Nigeria. 

Inspectorate department also monitors compliance with orders and directives imposed on a registered Practitioner by the Medical and Dental Practitioners Investigation Panel(MDPIP) and Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (MDPDT) where it is alleged that he /she has misbehave in a professional respect.

Specific responsibilities within the purview of the Inspectorate department are as contained below:
a)    Inspection of Hospitals including Maternity Hospitals, Clinics, Medical and Dental training schools and Internship training Institutions to ensure compliance with the Council guidelines/policies and laws.
b)    Monitoring of Medical, Dental and Alternative Medicine Practitioners to ensure compliance with ethical standard and with Council’s regulations (Code of Medical ethics in Nigeria).
c)    Law drafting and review.
d)    Assisting law enforcement agencies in Litigations and prosecution of quacks and unprofessional practice in the profession
e)    Liaising and coordinating the activities of the States Monitoring Teams through the Director of Medical Services of the 36 states and FCT.