The centralized housemanship placement portal of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) was launched online on Thursday 1st April, 2021 at

The portal was designed such that any newly provisionally registered doctor or dental surgeon who is yet to undergo Housemanship Training can visit the portal and secure posting.

Posting steps:

  1. With the information on the Provisional Registration Certificate, a doctor registers for posting on the housemanship portal.
  2. Login, to see available housemanship training institutions with vacancies for selection of posting.
  3. Only training centers with vacancies are displayed on the doctors’ portal page. Note that empty list means no vacancy exists at the moment.
  4. As soon as posting selection is successful, identical copies of posting letters are automatically issued to the doctor and the chosen institution via registered emails.
  5. Please note the deadline for resumption as contained in the posting letter.
  6. Any house officer who does not resume training within the resumption timeframe will have his posting cancelled automatically.
  7. Every posting cancellation releases the occupied space for awaiting house officer to choose from.
  8. Training institutions clear house officers on monthly basis for payment of allowances and communicates with the MDCN on other administrative matters.
  9. Electronic correspondences on housemanship can be sent to the MDCN via and for administrative/technical and payment matters respectively.
  10. Each house officer’s completion of training and subsequent sign off, automatically create a space in the affected training institution: however, the MDCN will publish vacancies on the portal until house officers who commenced training before deployment of the portal, complete their training.